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Reinvent your daily rituals

The first-ever Specialty Instant Coffee

like barista-made coffee without the jitters.

Specialty flavor in every sip. Here’s how.

We use Specialty beans.

We use the highest quality specialty coffee beans for natural sweetness, and to maintain the aroma & flavor.

We brew at low temperatures.

To maintain the specialty bean flavor we brew at low temperatures and never use heat

We freeze-dry 

To continue to nurture the coffee flavor we freeze-dry at low temperatures instead of spray drying. 

Coffee snob approved

Founded by Australians, who know good coffee.


Tastes like Barista 
made coffee

And you can make it in seconds!

You don’t need expensive brewing equipment or a coffee shop, all you need is water and your favorite to-go mug.


The Problem We Solve


Between work, home, and family obligations, the first thing to drop off that long list of to-do’s is your health.


What used to be a morning ritual with a warm mug, is burnt breakroom coffee with all-day jitters that usually follow.


That’s why we created The Good Ritual. It’s your moment of “me” – and it only takes one minute. 

We understand you’re always on-the-go, so we offer products that do the multi-tasking for you, like our specialty instant coffee with L-Theanine, so you can enjoy boutique-cafe quality coffee in seconds without the unwanted crash.

Our Hero Ingredient


Coffee is a beloved ritual that often turns into a jittery aftermath. That’s why we added our hero ingredient, L-Theanine. (It’s the yin to coffee’s yang). When coffee provides energy, L-Theanine keeps us calm.

Together, the two help promote:




What they're saying...

"This flat out clears my head. Gives me energy to complete tasks and tastes better than any coffee I can make at home! LOVE IT"


Laynie Pritchard
Creative Director/Designer

"I'm loving this so much! I get coffee jitters so bad but i LOVE coffee. So I drink The Good Ritual! It's GOOD y'all. It's calming & combats the weird effects of coffee."


Maggie Sapp
Lifestyle blogger

"This is the perfect on the go situation so we can have REAL coffee thats good quality . PLUS if I decide to have more than 1 I’m not going to be a jittery mess!”


Shannon Cooper
Health & Wellness Coach

“As a mama I need something quick and easy to make one handed. Love that it takes no skill to make such an amazing and easy latte at home with a toddler on my hip”


Kirsten Barentsen
Lifestyle blogger

"It's sooo good! It helps with coffe jitters and promotes clarity and focus.  Trust me, coming from someone very sensitive/intolerant to coffee"


Andria Leigh
Wedding Planner + Designer 

"Tastes like quality Melbourne coffee all from my kitchen! This is the beginning of a great love affair! Coffee without the comedown thanks to L-theanine."


Marlo Grover
Fitness Instructor


Coming Soon

Our Functional Elixers

Enjoy your boutique instant coffee and enhance your health with our functional boosting elixirs. Made with coconut milk, MCT oil, collagen, and adaptogens – these elixirs pair perfectly with our Instant Specialty Coffee. Get the boost you need (without the bad taste).

Rooted in Ritual

Studies show that people who perform “rituals” – or recurring daily actions – experience greater control and reduced grief in their daily lives.

Founded by two sisters, who share everything from product recommendations to health concerns. Their mission was to create rituals that help you thrive, not just survive.


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