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Founded by Australians

Who Know Good Coffee

Brooke and Suzie are sisters – who live across the globe. They grew up in Melbourne, Australia, surrounded by good coffee. Like really good coffee.

(If you didn’t already know, Australians are known for that.)

The two sisters are business owners and a mom. And like many of us, their days can be busy and filled with chaos, resulting in high levels of stress and anxiety. Sadly, their beloved daily coffee ritual left them with jitters, anxiety, and an afternoon crash. And, they had to eliminate coffee altogether.

To manage their daily stress and anxiety, they began working with a naturopath, who recommended a nootropic, L-Theanine. Brooke and Suzie tried adding it to their daily coffee ritual, and the result was amazing. They could enjoy their coffee without the unwanted jittery aftermath. After sharing their new revelation with friends and family, they realized they could help so many others reclaim their coffee rituals.

After endless product research, they created The Good Ritual with a mission to make good coffee – without compromise – accessible for all.

It’s Not Your Standard Cup of Coffee.

Brooke and Suzie wanted to create coffee that could be enjoyed without the jitters. Key word: Enjoyed. It still had to taste amazing – like something you’d get at your local boutique coffee shop – and it had to be available at any time, for any schedule.

Enter Specialty
Instant Coffee.

From the moment the two sisters tried Specialty Instant, they were hooked. It tasted like it was from their favorite Aussie cafe, and it was ready in two seconds. There was no need for expensive brewing equipment or an extra stop on the way to work.

The coffee wasn’t exactly easy to create.

The coffee may be easy to make now, but it wasn’t exactly easy to create. The sisters soon found out just how hard specialty instant coffee is to source. (There are only two suppliers worldwide.) However, they were determined to create their product, and soon found the perfect supplier of Specialty Instant in Australia. The coffee is freeze-dried in small batches, using a secret brewing method.

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How The Good Ritual Can Help 

While we can’t prevent toddler tantrums or pressing deadlines, we can help you hold on to some semblance of control through your daily ritual. Starting with a cup of coffee, we’re offering bespoke, luxury products that taste good and help you thrive.

The Good Ritual is your moment of “me” – and it only takes a minute. We take into account your lifestyle and offer multi-tasking products, like our Speciality Instant Coffee and functional Elixirs.

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We believe...

That being busy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your well-being.

In fact, when you’re feeling stressed and anxious, it’s the most important time to take care of yourself and nourish your body.

That eating or drinking healthy products shouldn’t come with trade-offs when it comes to taste.

Food and beverages bring joy to your life – whether it’s the warm mug or the great taste. With our products, that joy isn’t going anywhere. 

That rituals are an important part of finding meaning in our life.

Rituals can be as simple as sipping your coffee and reading the newspaper. Rituals are acts that help us thrive (not just survive). 

That brands have the responsibility to be trustworthy, transparent, and sustainable.

We manufacture products that we would use and that we would recommend to our loved ones. 

Your new daily ritual starts here.

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